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Read through instructions completely before beginning your booking process.

This booking application is only intended for users to submit a request to use the Cooperative Plaza Conference Center. By submitting your request, you understand and acknowledge that submission does not create an agreement between the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association and you for use or services of the Cooperative Plaza Conference Center.


First, use the link below to search the date(s) you are interested in.

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The shaded areas indicate that the space is occupied (and not available). The first row represents ALL three rooms combined (CC1/2/3) as an entirety and its availability. Look at the lines below this for the individual resources (such as CC1, CC2, or CC3) for the desired availability. Once you locate the available dates for your event, return to the prior page/tab of your browser to the Venue Availability Search.

Please enter specific dates you are interested in booking below.


Enter the date(s) in the Dates boxes. If it is a single day, enter the same date in both boxes. If it is a multiple day event, those days must have appeared available on the Availability Calendar without interruption by another event or no search results will appear.

NOTE: This is not to enter a search range, only to reserve the specific available date(s) found on the Availability Calendar.


Enter the times you are requesting the space for in the Times dropdown boxes provided. These times must have been shown available on the Availability Calendar or no search results will appear. Be sure to include time for setup and tear down. (one hour on each end is recommended).


Enter the total number of attendees in the Attendees box provided. NOTE: If the number of attendees is greater than the capacity of any of the available spaces, no search results will appear
Date search information:
  • Date format: MM/DD/YYYY
  • Available Search Date Range: Tuesday, April 23, 2019 - Saturday, September 14, 2019
  • Maximum Search Day Span: 30


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SEARCH NOTE: For special events (not standard conference or meeting), recurring events, or if you are having trouble finding an available date please contact the Conference Center staff directly for assistance.

Please contact Ariane Saila-Ngita at or (703) 907-5939 should you have any questions regarding the booking application form or this statement.

The Cooperative Plaza Conference Center is owned and operated by the National Rural Electric Association located at 4301 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington Virginia 22203.